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  • Food and Drinks spread

Elegantly Modern Take
On Old New Orleans Charm

About us

Barrilleaux means "to whom family is the most important." Family is the most important to us. Family owned and operated we spend a lot of time with each other and when you are dining at Barrilleaux's you're family too.

During Covid-19, Marcello's on St. Charles, moved to Covington. However, the owner, Blakley Kymen, has been looking for a way to bring Marcello's back to their guests in New Orleans. Together, with her sister and neice (Michele Caswell - Adams and Brittani Adams- Perret of Unique Wedding & Events), they are bringing a new and exciting restaurant to New Orleans. While still honoring their Sicilian roots, they are adding a little French and Cajun flair to their menu at Barrilleaux's.

Wine remains a huge passion to Barrilleaux's, and the wine market is unmatched here, in New Orleans. With prices just above retail, you'll be sure to find something amazing.